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One of the most recent sexually related findings is the fact that males have a g-spot, as well. Some women say that their g-spot is real, some say that it’s not, but when it comes to males all of them will agree that their g-spot is located in their bottoms. Their g-spot is actually a tiny gland, which only males have, and is known as prostate. Research has shown that stimulating this gland by applying smole amount of pressure on it can increase the duration of your erection as well as boost your orgasm.

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Still, even knowing all the benefits of the g-spot stimulation, many males are still reluctant to explore the benefits of playing with their “sacred” place. It is located inside of the anus, so, first and foremost many men are afraid of pain. But, what’s well-known too, a bit of a finger play before any insertion and lots of lube will exclude the pain factor and let you enjoy in your g-spot completely. Moreover, men feel it’s humiliating for a woman to touch that part of their body. But if you talk to your partner and explain everything to her, she will probably be more than willing to help you reach better sensations.

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The toy that we are offering is a sextoy from our premium collection. It is a g-spot stimulator, which is made out of silicone, it is perfectly safe for use and you can fully enjoy it without any worries. Still, you should know that this toy in particular is for the more experienced ones, because its size is quite large. It can be used with both silicone-based and water-based lubes, and oil-based lubes are not excluded, as well. You can play with yourself, with your partner, the possibilities are limitless. Visit out web-site and find out more details and information about this toy and you will be intrigued to try it definitely. Plus, it comes discretely wrapped to your home address and you won’t have to be embarassed for buying this toy or talking to a sales person. All the information that you provide for us (the delivery information) will be deal with with great amount of discretion and you will become one of our satisfied customers for sure!

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