In this world we are blessed with so many things paleo recipes by The Almighty God and one of the most precious blessings of God is the good health. There are many things in this world created by Him to keep us healthy and enjoy the life. Excellent health of our ancestors was due to the use of natural foods like the wild plants and animals in their food and these foods are now termed as the recipes, paleo food, Stone Age or Paleolithic food. It is up to us that how we use this food and live a healthy life.

We are also living in an era of fast automation and machine life where our eating routine has converted on fast and junk food items. By the robust increase in the population of the world and the technological advancement, we have to use the development in the agricultural sector as well as industry to grow the maximum out of the land How to make ya and achieve the maximum output of animals to process this stuff to manufacture other eatables. It is due to this technological pace that the numbers of healthy people are decreasing day by day due to obesity and increase in the use of processed foods.

But due to the recent research, the importance of recipes has become prominent. recipes ware being used by our humanoid ancestors and forefathers some ten thousand years ago in the Paleolithic era which spans over two and a half million years. In mid ‘s the concept gets importance that the foods and the herbs used by our Homo sapiens forefathers would be able to keep us healthy. The Paleolithic food consists of foods that can be hunted and fished such as meat, offal and seafood and can be gathered such as eggs, insects, nuts, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, spices and fruits as well.

Some advocates are of the opinion that only lean cuts of meat free from any food additives should be used like wild game meats and grass fed beef because they contain the higher proportion of Omega A.S. compared to grain produced domestic meats. The diet food does not contain the ingredients that were not used by humans before the Neolithic revolution like dairy products, legumes, mainly grains, refined sugar, processed oils and salts. recipes require an adequate amount of meat in its composition and it is advised to use as much meat in the diet as you want in your diet whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner and it should be cooked without using much of the fats in it with little oil.

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